Hi guys!

3 new releases and a bit of news!  First the releases:

A six pack of poses and a couples cuddle for Stumblebum

*Frooti - Blissful Things
*Frooti - You Are My Bliss

A themed couples pose complete with ropes (thanks to Kirsty from Rack Poses!), aptly named Comfort Zoned Out because I had NO idea how to do a sexy domination style pose!!  Well I did, I just couldn’t execute it 😛

*Frooti - Comfort Zoned Out

*Frooti @ Fluid

*Frooti @ Elikatira

Now the news!  I have decided to pull out of Stumblebum and Fluid for the foreseeable future.  They are wonderful events with super wonderful people, but I am struggling at the minute with inspiration for *Frooti, so while the store will remain and I will release if and when inspiration strikes and I may do the odd event or two if i’m lucky enough to be invited, I shall be putting *Frooti on the back burner for a little while to concentrate on other things.

Thanks for your support, tho, it means the world ❤

Hi everyone.  Few new things today!

First 2 new sets at stumblebum.  One mini pack – Gleeful… and one couples poses – Gleeful Hug.   I have also decided to knock the 52WoC Mini Packs on the head, at least as regularly as I was doing them, maybe a month pack instead.. who knows!  Anyway, as a gleeful style gesture for the duration of Stumblebum, I have fatpacked the entire lot into one pack for just $L325 that’s over 50% savings on the individual mini packs 🙂

*Frooti - Gleeful Hug

Gleeful Gesture for Stumblebum

*Frooti - Mini Pack: Gleeful
Also, Chic² opens to bloggers on the 1st, and officially on the 3rd June.  You will find this Random Chic pack there, and only there.  It won’t be in the Frooti Main store when the event is over.  I took inspiration from pictures but simply googling “chic” for these.

*Frooti - Random Chic for Chic2

Thanks everyone ❤

*Frooti Main Store

*Frooti SALE!

Hi guys!

My main account (Willow Zander) just celebrated her 8th Rezday!! So in honour of that, Iam having a lil sale!

*Frooti Sale!










I do hope you’ll come along ❤

Visit *Frooti on the Elikatira Sim!

New Poses!

2 New sets for you guys today, timed with the Elikatira release!

My Never and Memories are 2 sets of 6 poses.  Memories is slightly cheaper in the fatpack because the legs are all the same, it’s just the top that is different, much like my old vendorlicious style poses!

I hope you like ❤

*Frooti - Memories

*Frooti - My Never

TP to Frooti! and check out the new Elikatira Hair!

Hi guys, 2 new mini packs out for the 52 WoC challenge, and also the pose fair items are now out in the store too! ❤

*Frooti - 52 WoC: Thistle
*Frooti - 52 WoC: Pueblo

Reminder of the pose fair items now out in store:

*Frooti - Wizzlit - PF2012
*Frooti - Biscuit - PF2012

All can be found at the *Frooti Main store on Elikatira! ❤

Hi guys!! Another Stumblebum round and I have my offerings out a day early!

1 set of poses, and 1 couples pose for you, both $L100 each!

*Frooti - Jump for Joy - Stumblebum 01/05

*Frooti - Jubilant - Stumblebum 01/05

Get them at *Frooti!


Hi guys,

2 new small sets out now, for 52 WoC!  As usual they are $L50 each and can be found at the Frooti Store @ Elikatira!!!

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Bright Turquoise

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Shuttle Gray

Pose Fair Releases

Hi guys,

Only 3 new releases for the Pose Fair, i’m afraid… RL has been kicking my butt, but there is SO much gorgeouness there, you will be surrounded by so much!  Some very talented posemakers out there for sure!  Here are my three offerings:

*Frooti - Wizzlit - PF2012

*Frooti - Biscuit - PF2012

*Frooti - Vendorlicious PF2012

Pose fair opens shortly, there is a very extensive post over on SasyPants where Sasy has listed ALL slurls for you! Check it out, she’s a star ❤

Ugh, I suck! I still haven’t got around to doing weeks 1-6 but I am working on lots of little odds and ends atm, while I have any spare time.. which I can tell you, isn’t very often!  But I have managed to get 3 Mini Packs out! One for Tea Green, Royal Purple and upcoming Seashell Peach!  I do hope you enjoy, just $L50 each at the Main Store on Elikatira ❤

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Tea Green

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Royal Purple

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Seashell Peach

New Poses!

Hi guys, three new pose thingers for you today!  2 are for tomorrows new Stumblebum round, but I probably won’t be about so I have put them out a day early incase you want them!

First is a “regular” release! It was made alongside Elikatiras Caramel hair, and works with the hair just perfectly!

*Frooti - Sweet

Next we have the 2 offerings for Stumblebum, this theme was Relax, so please find a 3 pose mini pack, and a couples pose ❤

Frooti - Mini Pack - Relax (Stumblebum)

*Frooti - Relaxing <3

All can be found at the Main Store on Elikatira Sim!