Frooti is now… OPEN!

Hi! If you’re reading this, YAY!

Frooti poses is now open, on the Elikatira Sim alongside the very talented Elika Tiramisu and Emma Gilmour of Surf Shack!   I am soooo excited, nervous, happy and anxious to have gotten this far with something in SL, as usually I have the attention span of a… oooh shiny!

Anyway, I won’t spam this with pics, just a couple of my favs and what seems seasonal at the minute!   You can check out the rest on the Frooti Flickr Set here!

Frooti - (Cozy) - Plurktitude Series - 50L PREVIEW

This is part of what, I hope, will be a HUGE series! The Plurktitude Series! This is my take on (cozy) and will be available for $L50 for the next week, and possibly longer 🙂

Frooti - Tiramisu Too

Tiramisu Too! Named after you know who! 😉

Frooti - Spooky McWookie

Spooki McWookie! The friendliest, funnest ghost in town! All Spooki’s come as attachments, but you get the pose too, solo!

Finally for now, my Gacha:

Frooti - Gacha

Only $L35 a pop, all transfer with 1 giant rare!

Thanks ❤


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