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Oh HAI <3


I know a lot of my friends have Thanksgiving soon, so firstly. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Secondly, new poses!

2 new sets today: Hoodieluv and All Dolled Up.  Hoodieluv is a set i’ve been working on for a little while now, after I decided I wanted to compliment Emma Gilmours Surf Co Fall Fest Hoodies!   The poses are made specifically with those in mind, they won’t work as “regular” poses but they might work with other items of clothing 🙂

All Dolled Up started out as a regular pose set, but then I thought the poses start to look a bit doll like, hence the name.  Here they are, hope you enjoy, if you do visit Frooti!

Frooti - Hoodieluv

Frooti - All Dolled Up


New Poses!

2 new sets out yesterday at Frooti, one for the girls, one for the boys.  RL illness has kicked my ass this week, but I managed to get these together 🙂

Frooti - Vendorlicious - Stand 4

Frooti - Vendorlicious - Male Stand 1

Hope you like them!  $L35 as singles or $L150 for each pack of 12 poses 🙂

TP to Frooti

2 New Sets!

Hi guys and gals!

2 new sets today! Another Vendorlicious Series annnnd just a regular 6 pack of poses.    I am hoping to get some guys stuff out next week!   WOO!

Stand 3 in the Vendorlicious Series is another static pose with just head movements! $L35 each or just $150 for the pack! I choose to discount this Series so much because the changes aren’t uber, I would feel wrong charging more!

Frooti - Vendorlicious Series - Stand 3

Then we have Fierce Inspiration, a set I made by looking at photographs online, that looked kinda Fierce to me, don’t think that QUITE translated, but oh well 😛

Frooti - Fierce Inspiration

As usual they can be found on the Elikatira Sim at my Main Frooti Store!

Vendorlicious Series – Stand 1 and Stand 2


After chatting with people, and of course, my own experience I’m always being told/knowhow just a slight tilt of the head, or a different arm pose can make or break a pose when posing for pictures, ads and more, so this time i’ve made two sets with a slight difference, or not!
Stand 1 – One pose, with 12 different head movements/tilts/rotations:

Frooti - Vendorlicious Series - Stand 1

Stand 2 – One pose with the same legs, with 12 different upper body/head movement/tilts/rotations:

Frooti - Vendorlicious Series - Stand 2

These poses are the standard $L35 each or a discounted $L150 for the fatpack of 12.
I’m hoping you enjoy them 🙂
TP to Frooti