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Hi guyyyys

Two new today!  First we have a pose set named after one of my closest friends – This is Vogel:

Frooti - Vogel

and then we have a girly couples pose that was made specifically for the Elikatira Seasons Hunt ad, and I love it! Elika pushes me to try and try I do…

Besties - Coming Soon

I hope you like! If you do, please find them here! ❤


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fantastic hoilday period, whether you celebrated or not! I know I did and I am finally back from my extended “holidaying” and I have two new sets for you.

Just basic modelish type poses with a hint of pinup:

Frooti - Nights Out

Nights Out was inspired by those Nights Out we love to have, having fun, joking around… maybe getting sloshed… I dunno why, it just is! 😛

Frooti - Faking PinUp

Faking PinUp is kinda inspired by pinup poses, but as i’m not a real pinup, I added the faking.. 😛

Hope you enjoy!

Here is a taxi, should you want one ❤