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Stumblebum, BABY!

Hi! Happy New Year everyone!

Frooti is BACK in business, starting with STUMBLEBUM! Yep Stumblebum is up and running again and I don’t think i’ve said STUMBLEBUM quite enough yet.. ok maybe I over did it.

Each rotation of 2 weeks will have  colour palette and “phrase/word” to follow.  As I make poses, obviously I can’t do colours (well maybe with a prop) so I chose to make poses from the words “New Year” and made these two for you:

First is New Beginnings.  A simple, cozy kiss… new year.. new start ❤

Frooti for Stumblebum - New Beginnings

Next is Embarradance… yep, we’ve all busted out those highly embarrassing grooves, don’t deny… so get your bad self DOWN at the parties.. with these babies!

Frooti for Stumblebum - Embarradance

If you go to the store, you will notice I am renovating! I am redoing ads, making certain poses “bargain” price and generally having a jig about, so please excuse the mess.

Be sure to check the other Stumblebum stores out too!

Frooti @ Elikatira