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Festival of Sin (will update with an SLURL as soon as the fair is open) starts very shortly and these are my 3 new items for it!  I am in the Vanity Section, so opted for a Cover Me set.. for those of us Vain.. but not so Vain:

*Frooti - Cover Up

A sculpted texture change mirror (Silver, Gold and Black) with 6 poses to match (you don’t have to use the mirror, they come as left and right handed props)

*Frooti - Beautiful Vanity

and just a basic pose set for those of us that are a bit “look at meeee, I’m so prettttyy” so pefect for blog posts!!
*Frooti - Just a Girl

Also out in the main store on Elikatira is the next 52 WoC $50L 3 pack of poses for Dark Raspberry!

Frooti - 52 WoC - Dark Raspberry


52 WoC – New Mini Series by Frooti!

Hiii guys!

I love doing the 52 WoC as Willis and I wanted to contribute something, so starting this week (I will do previous weeks when I get the chance)… every week there will be a pose set of 3 poses for $L50, these poses will be new and will just be sold in these mini packs until the end of the 52, when I might bundle them up!  I don’t know yet, i’m doing it on a whim 😛

Frooti - 52 WoC - Folly Set

Get them now, only at Frooti at Elikatira!

Stumblebum and Flux!

Hi Guys, I have four new sets today for you, two out at the main store for Stumblebum and  two out at the Flux Location!  Sorry I’ve been slack between my last release and now, the other half has been in Singapore so i’ve been at the PC a lot less!  Anywho:

The palette/word for Stumblebum this time was a gorgeous array of colours and the word “Love” so here are two sets revolving around love:

*Frooti - I Do!

*Frooti - Protect The Love

Flux is a new monthly event that runs from the 1st to the 27th of the month, you can read more about it on the Official Flux Blog. Our first theme was “Mardi Gras” and I think I probably went an obvious route for one of my sets, but the other I added a lil brit twist to it:

*Frooti - Flip It!

*Frooti -  Carnival Masquerade

The main Frooti store is HERE.  The Flux Event is being held HERE (and will be open at 12noon tomorrow!)

Please visit and show your support to myself and my fellow creators! ❤ and a HUGE thanks to My sis Willow Caldera and the team over at Bother for providing the props for my Flux set