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New Poses!

Hi guys, three new pose thingers for you today!  2 are for tomorrows new Stumblebum round, but I probably won’t be about so I have put them out a day early incase you want them!

First is a “regular” release! It was made alongside Elikatiras Caramel hair, and works with the hair just perfectly!

*Frooti - Sweet

Next we have the 2 offerings for Stumblebum, this theme was Relax, so please find a 3 pose mini pack, and a couples pose ❤

Frooti - Mini Pack - Relax (Stumblebum)

*Frooti - Relaxing <3

All can be found at the Main Store on Elikatira Sim!


New 52 WoC Packs instore!

Hi guys, just a quicky, i’ve managed to catch up and there are 52 WoC Packs instore now for Avocado, Aquamarine and St Patricks Blue!

*Frooti - 52 WoC: Avocado

*Frooti - 52 WoC: Aqumarine

*Frooti - 52 WoC: St Patricks Blue

The Festival of Sin releases are now also in store at the Frooti Main Store 



Hi guys!

A new single release today for you, made with the new Elikatira Hair – Listen, in mind!  6 poses for $L150 or $L35 each.  You know the drill ❤

*Frooti - Listening

Frooti Main Store

New Stuffages!

Hi guys!  4 new sets out now!  Firstly we have 2 for Stumblebum (short sob story, I made all the poses I wanted for Cheer – then my pc died and was wiped and the back up was old and I lost them all… SOOO i’m sorry for the small offering this time)

The Stumblebum word this time was Cheer:

Frooti - Happy Days - For Stumblebum

A small Mini Pack called Happy Days!  Three poses for just $50L!

Frooti - Cheerful Joy - For Stumblebum

A Duo Pose called Cheerful Joy!  Everybody needs to jump for joy, somtimes!  Just $L75

Frooti 52 WoC - Dandelion

A three pack of WoC Poses for Dandelion – $L50!

Frooti - Vendorlicious Stand 9

And a new Vendorlicious… the pose is the same on this one, but the head tilts are different, only $L100 in the store 🙂

Hope you enjoy ❤

Frooti – Main SLURL!