Hi everyone.  Few new things today!

First 2 new sets at stumblebum.  One mini pack – Gleeful… and one couples poses – Gleeful Hug.   I have also decided to knock the 52WoC Mini Packs on the head, at least as regularly as I was doing them, maybe a month pack instead.. who knows!  Anyway, as a gleeful style gesture for the duration of Stumblebum, I have fatpacked the entire lot into one pack for just $L325 that’s over 50% savings on the individual mini packs 🙂

*Frooti - Gleeful Hug

Gleeful Gesture for Stumblebum

*Frooti - Mini Pack: Gleeful
Also, Chic² opens to bloggers on the 1st, and officially on the 3rd June.  You will find this Random Chic pack there, and only there.  It won’t be in the Frooti Main store when the event is over.  I took inspiration from pictures but simply googling “chic” for these.

*Frooti - Random Chic for Chic2

Thanks everyone ❤

*Frooti Main Store


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