Hi guys!

3 new releases and a bit of news!  First the releases:

A six pack of poses and a couples cuddle for Stumblebum

*Frooti - Blissful Things
*Frooti - You Are My Bliss

A themed couples pose complete with ropes (thanks to Kirsty from Rack Poses!), aptly named Comfort Zoned Out because I had NO idea how to do a sexy domination style pose!!  Well I did, I just couldn’t execute it 😛

*Frooti - Comfort Zoned Out

*Frooti @ Fluid

*Frooti @ Elikatira

Now the news!  I have decided to pull out of Stumblebum and Fluid for the foreseeable future.  They are wonderful events with super wonderful people, but I am struggling at the minute with inspiration for *Frooti, so while the store will remain and I will release if and when inspiration strikes and I may do the odd event or two if i’m lucky enough to be invited, I shall be putting *Frooti on the back burner for a little while to concentrate on other things.

Thanks for your support, tho, it means the world ❤


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