Pose Fair Releases

Hi guys,

Only 3 new releases for the Pose Fair, i’m afraid… RL has been kicking my butt, but there is SO much gorgeouness there, you will be surrounded by so much!  Some very talented posemakers out there for sure!  Here are my three offerings:

*Frooti - Wizzlit - PF2012

*Frooti - Biscuit - PF2012

*Frooti - Vendorlicious PF2012

Pose fair opens shortly, there is a very extensive post over on SasyPants where Sasy has listed ALL slurls for you! Check it out, she’s a star ❤


Ugh, I suck! I still haven’t got around to doing weeks 1-6 but I am working on lots of little odds and ends atm, while I have any spare time.. which I can tell you, isn’t very often!  But I have managed to get 3 Mini Packs out! One for Tea Green, Royal Purple and upcoming Seashell Peach!  I do hope you enjoy, just $L50 each at the Main Store on Elikatira ❤

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Tea Green

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Royal Purple

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Seashell Peach

New Poses!

Hi guys, three new pose thingers for you today!  2 are for tomorrows new Stumblebum round, but I probably won’t be about so I have put them out a day early incase you want them!

First is a “regular” release! It was made alongside Elikatiras Caramel hair, and works with the hair just perfectly!

*Frooti - Sweet

Next we have the 2 offerings for Stumblebum, this theme was Relax, so please find a 3 pose mini pack, and a couples pose ❤

Frooti - Mini Pack - Relax (Stumblebum)

*Frooti - Relaxing <3

All can be found at the Main Store on Elikatira Sim!

Hi guys, just a quicky, i’ve managed to catch up and there are 52 WoC Packs instore now for Avocado, Aquamarine and St Patricks Blue!

*Frooti - 52 WoC: Avocado

*Frooti - 52 WoC: Aqumarine

*Frooti - 52 WoC: St Patricks Blue

The Festival of Sin releases are now also in store at the Frooti Main Store 



Hi guys!

A new single release today for you, made with the new Elikatira Hair – Listen, in mind!  6 poses for $L150 or $L35 each.  You know the drill ❤

*Frooti - Listening

Frooti Main Store

New Stuffages!

Hi guys!  4 new sets out now!  Firstly we have 2 for Stumblebum (short sob story, I made all the poses I wanted for Cheer – then my pc died and was wiped and the back up was old and I lost them all… SOOO i’m sorry for the small offering this time)

The Stumblebum word this time was Cheer:

Frooti - Happy Days - For Stumblebum

A small Mini Pack called Happy Days!  Three poses for just $50L!

Frooti - Cheerful Joy - For Stumblebum

A Duo Pose called Cheerful Joy!  Everybody needs to jump for joy, somtimes!  Just $L75

Frooti 52 WoC - Dandelion

A three pack of WoC Poses for Dandelion – $L50!

Frooti - Vendorlicious Stand 9

And a new Vendorlicious… the pose is the same on this one, but the head tilts are different, only $L100 in the store 🙂

Hope you enjoy ❤

Frooti – Main SLURL!

Festival of Sin (will update with an SLURL as soon as the fair is open) starts very shortly and these are my 3 new items for it!  I am in the Vanity Section, so opted for a Cover Me set.. for those of us Vain.. but not so Vain:

*Frooti - Cover Up

A sculpted texture change mirror (Silver, Gold and Black) with 6 poses to match (you don’t have to use the mirror, they come as left and right handed props)

*Frooti - Beautiful Vanity

and just a basic pose set for those of us that are a bit “look at meeee, I’m so prettttyy” so pefect for blog posts!!
*Frooti - Just a Girl

Also out in the main store on Elikatira is the next 52 WoC $50L 3 pack of poses for Dark Raspberry!

Frooti - 52 WoC - Dark Raspberry