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New New New!

A few new bits today at Frooti, plus a release from a couple of days ago I forgot to blog, oopsy!! Ok let’s get started… firstly we have a new pose set made for skates!

Get Yer Skates On! has 6 skatetastic poses for the taking, demos in world as usual 😀

Frooti - Get Yer Skates On!

Next we have a new Vendorlicious Set!  This is Stand 5 for the ladies, and has the same legs, different upper body, these are $L35 each or $L150 for the set of 12!

Frooti - Vendorlicious Stand 5

Next one of my first props :d   Mr Frosticles is a 6 pose prop, multi sit enabled so you can use solo, as a group, duo.. or whatever!   Sculpties for Mr Frosticles were purchased from Marketplace (Banned Magic) as i’m a prim tard 😀  Demo in the store for you to check out, he’s only $L150!

Mr Frosticles - Prop and Poses

Next is SnOh Balls!  A giant assed snowball with 6 poses, again multi sit enabled!  This prop was crafted lovingly by Miss Elika Tiramisu, as again.. primtarded.   I just imagined rolling a giant Snowman.. and this popped into my head \o/.  This is also $L150.

SnOh Balls! - Prop and Poses

Finally, if you are in my SoM you will have received this Group Freebie, if you’re not.. it’s still in notices 😉

Free SoM Gift - Gifted

Thanks bunches… here’s your Taxi!

Please, PLEASE consider taking part in the Frooti Photo Contest too, I’d really love to see your pictures (see the previous blog post)