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Hi guys!! Another Stumblebum round and I have my offerings out a day early!

1 set of poses, and 1 couples pose for you, both $L100 each!

*Frooti - Jump for Joy - Stumblebum 01/05

*Frooti - Jubilant - Stumblebum 01/05

Get them at *Frooti!



Hi guys,

2 new small sets out now, for 52 WoC!  As usual they are $L50 each and can be found at the Frooti Store @ Elikatira!!!

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Bright Turquoise

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Shuttle Gray

Pose Fair Releases

Hi guys,

Only 3 new releases for the Pose Fair, i’m afraid… RL has been kicking my butt, but there is SO much gorgeouness there, you will be surrounded by so much!  Some very talented posemakers out there for sure!  Here are my three offerings:

*Frooti - Wizzlit - PF2012

*Frooti - Biscuit - PF2012

*Frooti - Vendorlicious PF2012

Pose fair opens shortly, there is a very extensive post over on SasyPants where Sasy has listed ALL slurls for you! Check it out, she’s a star ❤

52 WoC – Mini Pack Catchup!

Ugh, I suck! I still haven’t got around to doing weeks 1-6 but I am working on lots of little odds and ends atm, while I have any spare time.. which I can tell you, isn’t very often!  But I have managed to get 3 Mini Packs out! One for Tea Green, Royal Purple and upcoming Seashell Peach!  I do hope you enjoy, just $L50 each at the Main Store on Elikatira ❤

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Tea Green

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Royal Purple

*Frooti - 52 WoC - Seashell Peach